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You have made a career decision. Sunsea will guide you every step of the complicated road map till you hold the coveted career proudly.

Sunsea’s systematic and time proven approach are marked by the following milestones.

Selection Program - Identifies right College / University

It starts with a thorough counseling session with you and if required your parents too. Your profile is examined under all parameters education, medical fitness, budget, travel documentation.

This critical process lays the foundation for a smooth process. If you attempt to do it yourself based on school web-sites and promotional brochures, you may end up in a maze of information and correspondence. Even to gain clarity on the basics and be able to compare will take an agonizingly long period. So, better leave it to the professionals at SUNSEA who have already guided scores of students on a career path.

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Admission Guidance Program - Guides in Applying to College / University

Each country has its own guidelines for admitting foreign nationals. And in that country each college / University will have variations in the admission procedure. Sunsea’s rich experience will guide you in understanding and negotiating this complex admission process.

The Admission Form / I-20 is being issued by the college with the authorization of their embassy. The form will give you the details: Course details, duration, fees, date of commencement etc.

Sunsea will also follow up with the colleges / universities and keep you updated of the admission status.

Visa Guidance Program - Gives guidance in acquiring Visa

This is a very critical phase. Your ideal college / university has given the green signal. Now you have to get the visa to gain entry into that country.

Sunsea is here to provide you excellent guidance in Visa Documentation and Personal Interview Preparation for obtaining Visa.

Sunsea has its own team of competent legal and international travel consultants to assist you in this process.

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Travel Tips - Gives Preliminary Exposure about the country

Sunsea gives tips about the travel to the new country. It also give brief idea about the culture of the country and its customs. It enable the students to easy their life once they reach abroad.

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