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For seven years in a row Youth Incorporated, India’s leading and award winning youth magazine, has continued to rank the world’s top institutes. Youth Incorporated, currently included in the ‘100 top youth blogs worldwide’ along with their Media Partner Education Times has released their 2018 ranking of the world’s top 100 undergraduate and MBA and top 50 Masters in Finance, Masters in Management, Online MBA, Masters in Marketing and Executive MBA programmes. Youth Incorporated is the only Indian organisation which ranks international institutes. The magazine focusses on education, careers and issues that face today’s youth. Youth Inc’s 2018 international university rankings are a result of a mammoth effort where over 2230 institutes are considered for the undergraduate rankings compiling responses from thousands of current students and alumni and recruiters. At the MBA and Masters level, over 1650 institutes are considered with responses from over 16000 recruiters.


“There are over 200,000 Indian students who go abroad every year for higher education. There is a strong need to provide such students with information about the best institutes overseas. Youth Inc is proud to present rankings of the world top’s institutes at both the undergraduate and graduate level so that students can make an informed decision about their university choice. We have been ranking institutes for the past 7 years now and our rankings are based on responses we receive from the institutes themselves, current students, alumni and recruiters. Indian students are especially concerned about finding jobs after they graduate and hence our ranking methodology gives strong emphasis to alumni and recruiter responses,” says Nitish Shah, Editor-in-Chief of Youth Incorporated.


The Top Undergraduate Rankings 2018 lists the top 20 institutes of the world as:


1.Harvard University, USA


2.University of Pennsylvania, USA


3.Stanford University, USA


4.Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


5.University of Chicago, USA


6.Princeton University, USA


7.Yale University, USA


8.California Institute of Technology, USA


9.Cornell University, USA


10.Columbia University, USA


11.University of Cambridge ,UK


12.University of Oxford, UK


13.Brown University, USA


14.University of Waterloo, Canada


15.London School of Economics, UK


16.New York University, USA


17.Imperial College London, UK


18.Carnegie Mellon University, USA


19.Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India


20.IE University, Spain


This interesting analysis of the schools shows that most of the best institutes of the world are located in the US. Having the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in the world’s top 20 institutes is a testament to the growing popularity of Indian institutes. University of Cambridge, Oxford University, London School of Economics, and Imperial College London are the 4 British institutes in the top 20 while IE Universityin Spain is the only top European university ranked in the top 20. The University of Waterloo in Canada is the sole Canadian university in the top 20.


The Top MBA Rankings 2018 lists the top 20 institutes of the world as:


1.University of Pennsylvania, USA


2.Harvard University, USA


3.Stanford University, USA


4.London Business School, UK


5.INSEAD, France


6.Columbia University, USA




8.IE Business School, Spain


9.Cornell University, USA


10.University of Chicago, USA


11.Yale University, USA


12.IESE, Spain


13.Northwestern University, USA


14.New York University, USA


15.IIM Ahmedabad, India


16.Dartmouth College, USA


17.ESADE, Spain


18.IIM Calcutta, India


19.IMD, Switzerland


20.Hong Kong UST, China


At the MBA level, several top business schools are located in the US, UK and Europe. Two Indian business schools – IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta have made it to the top 20 world’s best business schools.


For more information on the rankings, methodology and to view the entire list of institutes ranked click here

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