Sunsea Overseas Education


Work Permit: Any polytechnic or undergraduate student, who successfully completes in New Zealand a course that has a minimum completion time of 3 years or Post graduate students who have studied for 2 years or those courses that qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category may be granted a work permit to obtain practical experience. There is a new (effective July 2005) provision for an open work permit for 6 months which can then be converted to a 2 year work permit or could lead to a direct application for residency

Permanent Residency: Points are awarded for Qualification, Age, Relatives in NZ, NZ qualification(2 yrs) and also for work experience anywhere with bonus points for experience in NZ. It is obvious that students who have studied in NZ would have an advantage in securing PR over others as they would get points for NZ qualification and they will also be able to apply for a work permit and a job offer both of which could fetch additional points. The recent experience of the students indicated that the points are quite easy to reach after studies in New Zealand.

beneficial to International students:

  • Guaranteed 12 months Work Permit after successful course completion.
  • Work while you study.. No personal visa interview and NO outright visa rejection.. Married Students – Work Permit for Spouse.
  • Land in the country 1 month before course starts.
  • Level of study or subject does not matter.
  • Further education after acquiring Permanent Residency (PR).
  • You only have to buy a one way ticket to New Zealand.


New Zealand offers comfortable living conditions with favorable working policies for international students. The accommodation options are secure and affordable with the earnings you make out of your part – time work. You could opt to take up accommodation either at a hostel, halls of residence in campus/off campus or flat in with 2 or 3 others, which is most economical option. Home stay accommodation is another option where you will stay with a New Zealand family. You will be given a separate room with permission to utilise all the facilities available to the family members. It is suggested that you take up accommodation at a walking distance from the institute so that you can make a saving on the traveling expenses.

Living Expenses

The expenses you are most likely to make over a period of one week is rent, food, telephone (non-local), laundry, electricity, internet etc. which totals to $ 180 – $ 200.


While studying, the working policies for international students are:

  • Permit to work part-time for 20 hours per week
  • Permit to work full-time during summer vacations

You would be able to earn a min. of $12 per hour while working part-time.

Family Visa

If you are married and pursuing a full – time post graduate study or pursuing a course belonging to the Long Term Skills Shortage List, your spouse is eligible to apply for a full – time work visa. Your spouse is allowed to look for a job and work as long as your student visa is valid. If you are a PhD student, your spouse is eligible to apply for a full-time work visa and your children can avail the benefit of free education in New Zealand.