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Testimonials 1

Sudhkar persistently followed his dream of joining a highly reputed institute and that dream of his materialized as he got admitted to IPU New Zealand Tertiary. He left for New Zealand on the 10th of August 2016. He is now, as we are told content and filled with a sense of accomplishment as he pursues Graduate Diploma in International Studies with a full realization that the future ahead for him is secure and bright.

Yashas Janardhan

Testimonials 2

It is with immense elation and celebration we, here at Sunsea Aviation, wish our dynamic student Yashas Janardhan a very well defined future. Yashas Janardhan is a dedicated student who aims to excel in any field of activity that he is involved. No small wonder, as a result of which he got admission at IT Carlow, Ireland on the 5th of September 2016. He is now doing a course in Bachelor of Engineering Aircraft Systems with a direct Lateral Entry into the final year.

Seetha Ramanan

Testimonials 3

Seetha Ramanan left India on the 7th of September 2016 to begin his journey with IT Carlow, Ireland. He got admitted to this revered institute of technology due to his hard work and the adequate support that he received from all quarters both before and during the admission process which demanded collective efforts of Seetha Ramana himself and us too. He is a B.Sc. student at IT Carlow and pursuing a degree in Bio Science. We wish him a very bright future.

Danish Ansari

Testimonials 4

Danish Ansari is a promising student who has always set his mind on his studies. He never loses his focus. His academic aspiration is exemplary for many of his peers. He inspires his fellow students through his dedication and determination. With all these qualities in him and with an additional assistance of a rare kind from Sunsea, Danish’s successful admission to Selkirk College, Canada did not come as much of a surprise. He is, at present, studying diligently to secure a PG Diploma in Accounting from Selkirk College. He set off for Canada on the 1st of September 2017.


Testimonials 5

Ruby envisaged a future that would eventually work wonders for her. However, her vision of a bright future was not to come true till she proved her worth academically. The very prospect of leading a life of her choice motivated her to work consistently with a single-minded determination towards achieving it. Consequently, she applied to Selkirk College, Canada for pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and much to her delight she got selected for the course. She headed for Canada on the 25th of April 2016.


Testimonials 6

G. Geetan’s fascination with Mechanical Engineering is awe-inspiring as he possesses the keenness to unravel the ways machines work and understand the subtleties of machines of a wide range. His inquiring mind has not only sought to have hands-on experience of academic life but also to be among the best few in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He applied to Gisma Business School, Germany for a Language Preparatory course and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and got admitted to it. He left India for Germany on the 11th of May 2017. Sunsea Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. wishes G. Geetan every success and a happy stay in Germany.

Mohamed Tayeed

Testimonials 7

All things both tangible and perceivable that pertain to Electricity and Electronics are what Mohamed Tayeed cannot stay away from. His childhood was spent either admiring intricacies of electrical appliances and electronic devices or trying to invent something new on his own. This passion in him soon began to pave a new way for him. Very early on he realized that he could channelize his passion into something concrete and in order to that he studied diligently and eventually got admitted to Gisma Business School, Germany to his Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He went to Germany on the 3rd of February 2017.


Testimonials 8

B. Jawahar has always maintained a balance between his studies and other activities of his life. However, as a student he has never allowed himself to be carried away by the trivialities of life. In fact, he is very studious and never whiles away his time sitting idle. He has always wanted to be an engineer. Hence, he set a goal of becoming one and worked laboriously towards attaining it. He got admitted to Halmstad University, Sweden and at present he is doing Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Innovation there. A few days after his admission was confirmed he left for Sweden on the 22nd of August 2017.

N. Vikram Kiran

Testimonials 7

N. Vikram Kiran is a meritorious student who aspires to be an engineer. His aspiration has been constantly complemented with his unwavering determination to excel in his studies; this fact has been supported by the excellent track record of his academic results. His accumulated hard work paid off eventually when his application for Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Innovation course was wholeheartedly accepted by Halmstad University, Sweden. We are told that he is very much satisfied with the university’s constant support. He left for Sweden on the 22nd of August 2017.

Ms Maxine Maria Zincke

Testimonials 10

To high light one of our achivements Ms Maxine Maria Zincke, Course – From our Bangalore Branch had pursued Diploma in International Hospitality Management, Institute at Coleman College, Singapore it was a 6 months program with 6 months for paid internship. Today she is back in INDIA and is employed as Guest Relation Manager at Guest Line Days Athibele Bangalore INDIA we wih her all sucess for her furture endevours.

Niranjan Manjunathan

Testimonials 11

One of Our sucess keys Mr Niranjan Manjunathan, from our Bangalore Branch had Left for Singapore around a couple of years ago to pursue Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, at SDH Institute today we are proud to state that he is placed at Grand Hayatt Bangalore as Food and Beverage Executive we wish him all sucess​