English UK celebrates 14% rise in ELT students in 2017

Source: The PIE News


A total of 497,028 English language students chose an English UK member centre last year, with the industry celebrating a 14% rise in numbers and 5% in student weeks after three years of decline.


“We’re delighted that for many of our members, their hard work and innovation has paid off,” said English UK chief executive Sarah Cooper in a statement.


“They have taken advantage of the favourable exchange rate and built on that to attract students from growth and new markets.”


The latest English UK Student Statistics report, presented yesterday at the English UK annual conference, shows that the sector has strengthened its junior student market, which has grown by 27%, and has expanded to non-traditional source countries in Latin America and Asia.


Latin America provided over a quarter of student weeks, while student numbers from Eastern Europe and Russia rose 27.3% and 63% respectively.


London and Scotland won the popularity vote, with an 11% increase in student weeks.


However, data collected for the first time from state sector members shows that there is a wide divide between private and state sector members.


While the private sector experienced a 16% growth in student numbers and 9% in student weeks, the state sector saw both figures drop by 12%.


The state sector analysis conducted by StudentMarketing, English UK’s insight partner, reveals that state sector members are much more reliant on Asian countries.


Problems with the state sector members’ sending markets, or the specific challenges faced by its members, Sarah Cooper added in a statement, may be to blame for the sector’s declining figures.


Cooper hopes industry intelligence will come to the rescue.


“We hope that the extra level of detail we can provide from this year on the state sector will help them and us to support their recovery,” she said.

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